omg, I'm a robot?!

CG Production by Omer Ben David

Client :  Soul Royal Studios

OMG, I'M a Robot?! Movie Poster


3D / vfx production

frames from the film

OMG! I’m A Robot (SCI-FI Feature Film, Israel, 2015), directed by Tal Goldberg and Gal Zelezniak, tells the story of Danny, an over-sensitive young man who after losing his girlfriend discovers that he is actually a highly sophisticated robot, designed to be a killer machine and that his girlfriend was actually kidnapped by the ones who want his powers. He is forced to overcome his sensitive emotions and discover his true identity in order to overcome this new threat.


In collaboration with Soul Royale Post Production Studios, in charge of the entire Post Production for this feature, under the VFX supervision of Noam Gelbart, There was a need to incorporate a massive 3D robot, run by the main villain, into the Finale sequence of the film- From Model design to the final render.