Directed by Niv Shpigel & Robert Moreno

LOAD is a short animated film by directors Niv Shpigel and Robert Moreno. It tells the story of an old man who is sunk by the weight of his own memories. The film asks a very difficult question - how can we let go?

For the visual direction of  LOAD, we chose a very textured style. We wanted to stay almost abstract at certain places, which is appropriate for the abstract nature of the story . The animation was digitally hand drawn and blended with many 3D elements. This helped us achieve a feeling of an actual environment and not just abstract paintings with animation on top. 

LOAD was screened in more than 40 film festivals worldwide.

Load Short film by Niv Shpigel and Robert Moreno

'making of' featurette

frames from the film



The Bruce Crowin award for best animated short film - Santa Barbara film festival (CA, USA) February 2015


1st prize for experimental film - Rhode island international film festival (Rhode Island, USA) August, 2014

Best short film - UTOPIAfest (Israel) September 2014

Best Sound - Sehsuechte International Film Festival (Germany) April 2015

Best Animation Film - Plymouth film festival (UK) May 2015

Best international school short film - Chilemonos international animation festival (Chile) May 2015



Palm Springs international shortfest (California, USA) June 2014

Seoul international cartoons and animation film festival (South Korea) July 2014

Anima Mundi (Brasil) July 2014

LA shortfest (Los Angeles, USA) July 2014

Encounters film festival (England) September 2014

The Jerusalem international film festival (Israel) July 2014

Cortoons festival (Italy) April 2014

Edinburgh short film festival (Scotland) June 2014

Euganea film festival (Italy) July 2014

Imaginaria – International animation film festival (Italy) August 2014

Animix festival - Asif (Israel) August 2014

NociCortinfestival (Italy) August 2014

Montreal student film festival (Canada) August 2014

Fresh film fest (Czech Republic) September 2014

Animest international animation film festival October (Romania) 2014

Chicago international children's festival (Chicago, USA) October 2014

Heartland film festival (Indiana, USA) October 2014

XII Multivision Festival (Russia) November 2014

Foyle international film festival (Ireland) November 2014

SIGGRAPH Asia (China) December 2014

CINEQUEST (California, USA) February 2015

Dam Short Film Festival (Nevada, USA) February 2015

FirstGlance Film Fest (Los Angeles, USA) April 2015

Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (Turkey) April 2015

Animatricks Animation Festival (Finland) April 2015

Kingbonn - China short film festival (China) May 2015

SouthSide Film Festival (Pennsylvania, USA) June 2015

Reno Tahoe International Film Festival (Nevada, USA) June 2015

New York No Limits Film Series (NY, USA) June 2015

Greenwich International Film Festival (Connecticut, USA) June 2015

Calgary International Film Festival (Alberta, Canada) September 2015

Tokyo anime film festival, (Tokyo, Japan) March 2016



Ottawa international animation festival (Canada) September 2014

Warsaw international film festival (Poland) October 2014

SERET - The London Israeli film and television festival (UK) June 2015

Festival of animated films, (Berlin, Germany), 2017

Summer Film nights, (Schmalkalden, Germany), 2017

Load - short film 4

Load Short film by Niv Shpigel and Robert Moreno