Directed by Omer Ben David


For The Remainder conveys an atmospheric, vague, somewhat nuance of a story. An old house cat bids farewell at his final day to his home, his owner, his life as he decides to retire away from everything he once knew.


Utilizing a 3D painterly look with a rough yet clean design, the film delivers a unique look of brush strokes that breathe and flow, describing the emotions one might have in a situation of the sort. “In my work I often find myself in need to explore the smallests of notions. I search for the things that drive us on a molecular level and try to bring them to the surface. I like finding what makes us tick, what will we do in a specific point in our lives and what will it consists of.” - Omer Ben David.

Done as Omer’s graduation project at the Screen Based Arts Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, For The Remainder was screened in numerous acclaimed film festivals, Museums and Art Exhibitions including SIGGRAPH (USA) & SIGGRAPH ASIA (Singapore), ENCOUNTERS (UK), INTERFILM (Germany) and CINANIMA (Portugal).

frames from the film

For The Remainder, Short film by Omer Ben David